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Mananga Centre, an Approved Learning Partner of Edinburg Business School, invites applications from interested candidates for this prestigious internationally recognised MBA programme.

The EBS MBA is a demanding broad based management degree that prepares managers for professional leadership roles in global, dynamic and multi-cultural business contexts and help them develop the core knowledge, skills and attributes required to respond to rapid technological, societal and environmental change.

The overall objective of the MBA programme is to educate individuals as managers and business specialists and thus to improve the quality of management as a profession.

Dr. Ranga P. Taruvinga

Dr. Ranga P. Taruvinga

Director | Local Programme Leader

The MBA programme enables candidates gain core knowledge of subjects fundamental to management, develop analytical skills, understand process of management and human behaviour in organizations and gain insights into changing business, economic, social and political environments which affect the global world.

It adds value by developing in individuals an integrated and critically aware understanding of management and organisations and assists such individuals in taking effective roles within these organisations.

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