Progression Pathway

The guide to completing your course.

The  Progression Pathway outlines the paths in which the student will take as they progress with their course.

If the candidate possess the required entry requirements, their starting point will be the Year 1 Foundation Diploma. However if they do not have the required entry requirements, they will either start with our Preparatory Certificate in Business or the soon to be introduced Online O’level Supplement.


The Eswatini Qualifications Framework (ESQF)

The Eswatini Qualification Framework is defined as an instrument to facilitate development, grading, classification, comparison and recognition of skills, knowledge and competencies acquired through a learning experience including theory and practice and along a range of agreed levels.

The purpose for the development of the Eswatini Qualifications Framework (ESQF) is twofold; promoting lifelong learning and quality assurance and recognition. Each level represents groupings of qualifications sharing similar characteristics as described by the level descriptors. Our courses are designed to be completed at different ESQF levels. This facilitates entry and exist to courses depending on need and availability of resources to the learner. Learners may progress from level 4 through to Level 9 provided they successfully complete the preceding level. 

Our Progression Pathway