Mananga Business School

Kick start your career by joining our Business Schoool.

Mananga Centre School of Business offers Professional Courses in Business Management, Financial Management, Development studies and ICT. The ideal candidate for these courses is someone seeking to establish and build their professional career.

He /she can be a school leaver or employed. Our graduates have the ability to apply what they have learned in the classroom and labs to the real world immediately. So you can be sure that when you complete your program you will be equipped with a solid foundation to give you that leading advantage in a competitive workforce.

Our programs are guided by professionally competent staff and accredited by reputable international organisations.

The Eswatini Qualifications Framework (ESQF)

The Eswatini Qualification Framework is defined as an instrument to facilitate development, grading, classification, comparison and recognition of skills, knowledge and competencies acquired through a learning experience including theory and practice and along a range of agreed levels.

The purpose for the development of the Eswatini Qualifications Framework (ESQF) is twofold; promoting lifelong learning and quality assurance and recognition. Each level represents groupings of qualifications sharing similar characteristics as described by the level descriptors. Our courses are designed to be completed at different ESQF levels. This facilitates entry and exist to courses depending on need and availability of resources to the learner. Learners may progress from level 4 through to Level 9 provided they successfully complete the preceding level. 

Foundation Diploma (ESQF Level 4)

The Foundation Diploma is the starting point for those with the minimum entry qualifications.


Entry qualification 

      • Five “O” Levels including 3 credits
      • Preperatory /Certificate in Busness
      • Online “O”Levell Supplement
      • Recognition of Prior Learnig Mature Entry.

Foundation Diploma in Computers and Management

It is a preparatory qualification for learners who want to pursue further studies in applied IT and business management.

Foundation Diploma in Business & Administration

It is a preparatory qualification for learners who want to pursue further studies in business and related subjects.


Faculty of Business Studies

• BBA Honours in Management/HR/Marketing
• BBA Business Management
• BBA- Human Resources Management
• BBA Sales and Marketing
• Associate Degree Accounting & Finance
• Associate Degree in BM/HR/
• Associate Degree in Entrepreneurship
• Associate Degree in Leadership & Teamwork
• Associate Degree in Sales& Marketing
• Associate Degree Shipping and Forwarding
• Diploma Financial Accounting (ICB)
• Diploma in Accounting & Finance
• Diploma in BM/HR/Marketing
• Diploma in Business Administration
• Diploma In Entrepreneurship and Management
• Diploma in Leadership and Team Work
• Diploma in Sales and Marketing
• Diploma Office Administration
• Diploma Shipping & Logistics
• Foundation Diploma in Management
• Certificate in Business Essentials

Faculty of I.T & Computer Sciences

• BBA IT and Computers
• Associate Degree IT & Computing
• Associate Degree in IT & Commerce
• Associate Degree in IT & Networking
• Associate Degree in IT & Web Design
• Diploma in Computers
• Foundation Diploma in IT & Management
• Certificate In Business Essential

Faculty of Development Studies
• BBA Community Development
• BBA Hotel & Hospitality
• Associate Degree in Community Development
• Associate Degree in Hotel & Hospitality
• Diploma in Community Development
• Diploma in Hotel & Hospitality
• Foundation Diploma in Management
Faculty of Graduate Studies
• Master’s in Business Administration (EBS)
• Master’s In Leadership and Management
• Graduate Diploma in Strategic Management
• Graduate Diploma in Leadership & Teams